Adrenal exhaustion symptoms and signs

1) Difficulty getting awake in the morning.

After 3 snoozes you still can’t get your head to lift from the pillow.

2) Feeling fatigued even after a good nights rest.

Despite getting a good nights sleep, you still feel tired and worn down.

3) Crave salt or salty food.

You crave salt constantly, and want to add salt to your meals.

4) Decreased Productivity.

You find it is hard to concentrate and stay on task. Easily distracted.

5) Day to day are an effort.

Every day tasks that are not that difficult require ten times more effort to get done. You are generally drained after you complete a task.

6) Decreased sex drive.

Sex is the last thing on your mind, you barely have enough energy to get to bed.

7) Can’t handle stress.

You are on edge and ready to snap at any given point, things that never used to bother you get to you.

8) You get light headed when you stand up quickly.

You feel dizzy like you are going to pass out when you stand up too quickly.

9) Mild depression and feeling melancholy.

Not much seems to interest you and you feel life is empty and meaningless.

10) Fuzzy thinking or brain fog.

You find it hard to focus and think, like your mind is moving through molasses.


If you find that you are saying yes to 3 or more of the adrenal exhaustion symptoms above you are probably suffering from some level of adrenal fatigue. It is estimated that 80% of adult Americans suffer some level of adrenal fatigue at some point during their life. It commonly goes undiagnosed because many doctors do not recognize adrenal fatigue as a disorder. Click here to learn more about acute adrenal failure.

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